Special Education

Our Special Education Department personnel are listed below by building and specialty.

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  • Heidi O’Shea, School Social Worker/Coordinator of Special Education

High School

  • Sandra Getz, Teacher – sgetz@gusd120.k12.il.us
  • Lisa Watson, Teacher – watsonlisa@gusd120.k12.il.us

Middle School

  • Dusty Berning, Teacher, berningdusty@gusd120.k12.il.us
  • Theresa Petraitis, Teacher, petraitistheresa@gusd120.k12.il.us
  • Jackie Werner, Teacher, wernerjackie@gusd120.k12.il.us
  • Melissa Romer, Blended PreK, romermelissa@gusd120.k12.il.us

Primary School

  • Ruth Ann Einsweiler, K-4 Resource, einsweilerruthann@gusd120.k12.il.us
  • Amy Spiegelhalter, K-4 Resource, SpiegelhalterAmy@gusd120.k12.il.us

Speech/Language Pathologist

  • Erin Soat, erinsoat @gusd120.k12.il.us
  • Kelly Kent, kentkelly@gusd120.k12.il.us

Occupational Therapist

  • Laurie Miller

Physical Therapist

  • Stacey Duster

School Psychologist

  • Tina Brestrup, tina.brestrup@nwseonline.com

Resources for Parents